July 18th, 2008 > Comics

Ender’s Game Comic Book Cover Art Surfaces

Orson Scott Card’s legendary novel “Ender’s Game” is being resurrected (was it ever dead?) in comic book form. This was announced a while ago, but the comic will be making its premiere at this week’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Entertainment Weekly was given a glimpse of the cover art, which we have borrowed for your approval. While a comic is a good idea, we can’t help but wonder when they’ll get around to making the Ender’s Game movie that was talked about a few years ago and was supposed to be finished in 2008. Oh, movie industry, how you tease us so.

Ender\'s Game Goes Comic Book

As for the comic book cover, I hope the cover art is no indication of what the rest of the comic looks like. I don’t think Ender’s Game fans would be too pleased to have their beloved Ender turn out to be a stiff and two-dimensional comic book hero.

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