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New Zombie Movie on the Block: Chopper Zombie

Thom Beers, best known for his pointless-but-awesome (manly, even!) Discovery Channel series’ Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch is moving on to larger pastures with his first feature film, Chopper Zombie. It will debut as a graphic novel at this year’s Comic-Con and we’ll be sure to grab some more information. The graphic novel was made with the intention of going straight-to-film. His reason for making the film:

“We’ve been doing series’ like ‘Biker Build-Off’ and ‘Monster Garage’ because I love choppers. My son Max, who’s ten, loves zombies. He told me that choppers and zombies go together – so, we gotta do it! Choppers and zombies. Creating a graphic novel and taking it right into a feature is a truly awesome experience, and wait until you see this chopper at Comic-Con.”

Beers’ son does have a point: choppers and zombies do seem to go together, in some weird, subculturally charged way. We were hoping for something more along the lines of zombies and helicopters, but you can’t always get what you want. Maybe next year.

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Posted by Robert Coker

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